New Product Launch!!!

March 1, 2019

 OMG it's finally real! As of today you can buy my craft supplies!!! I thought it would be fun to talk you through the 1st Emma Jewell Crafts collection! 


I wanted to create something super sassy to launch Emma Jewell Crafts with, so I began by drawing lots of my fave things, picking some of my fave colours and going from there! It obviously had to include pizza, cats and rainbows, but I also found myself adding some roller disco vibes and a lava lamp throwback!! 


 As a craft range Emma Jewell Crafts will always be unapologetically sassy, bold and will say what I want it to say, I really don't want to dull down or be less me to fit the normal cute craft supplies I'm seeing on the shelves. No thanks babes! 


I also want to promote positivity, girl power and use sentiments and words I use myself every day! The life I live is no rose covered cottage, so why should my craft projects be?


The first product I want to share are Tape strips! These are cute strips of sticky designs, that at 12x2 cm are the perfect length for most projects that need a little bit of cute tape! 


 The next is my absolute favourite thing and to be honest one of the hardest things to create for the collection- my own stickers!!! I LOVE stickers, you could go as far as to say I am a sticker hoarder who cannot be stopped!!!! So to able to stick my own designs on everything actually makes me want to have a little cry!! 


A lot of tears and sweat went into this sheet, I get very frustrated when I don't know how to do something and this was that something- who knew a sticker sheet would almost be my nemesis? 


But it got there in the end and I am so proud of it. My fave sticker right now is the yes girl yes pennant-what a cutie!!

 SEQUINSSSS!!! Obviously sequins and glitter had to be a thing that I did, i've been mixing them for The Glittery Hands Box for the past 3 years so it seems only right to continue that in cool sassy packaging- These neon test tubes I am so happy with!!! 



As I said earlier, I want to add things to projects which say exactly what I would say in real life so making my own sentiment packs that did just that was super important to me. There will be lots more of these packs to come with even more sentiments that sound less like a hallmark card and more like your what's app group!

 The paper pack was my starting point for the whole collection, I love designing patterns for paper almost as much as I love hoarding gorgeous paper!! This pack features 4 designs ( you get 12 papers), with roller skates, pizza, lightening bolts, cats, cherries, stars the whole lot!!


I'm obsessed with the pink, red, purple and green colourway!

 There obviously had to be lots of holographic in my own supplies, and there will be loads more going forward!! 


I love these holographic polaroid frames so much!! They fit perfectly over the top of a polaroid photo too!