My Cricut Essentials - Cricut Maker

June 25, 2019




What do you really need to get started with your Cricut Maker? 


Everything you need to get started is inside the box with your machine, Mats, blades, even a pen! But if you are like me and love to have all of the bits and pieces, here are all of my absolute fave Cricut must haves that I use with my Cricut Maker.


Cricut Maker:


You have to start here! My favourite of the Cricut machines, and the most up to date model. This machine can cut anything from thin materials like paper and vellum, to Iron on Vinyl, Cardstock to Thicker materials like chipboard and balsa wood. It even cuts fabric! 






Of course Mats come in the box with the maker but you can never have enough of these so I highly recommend getting another pack, so that you have spares. 




XL Scraper tool:


One of my favourite tools for the Cricut is the XL scraper, use this to clean your mat as well to help apply vinyl. I'd be lost without this one now!




Knife blade:


The maker's adaptive tool system means that you can add in new blades that Cricut bring out without buying a new machine. 


The knife blade is the newest blade for the adaptive tool system and will mean you can start cutting those thicker materials like chipboard and balsa wood.