September 13, 2017




We made these super fabulous Fridge magnets at Craft and Cocktail Club on Friday night, so I wanted to share them with you too! 


You can make these in less than an hour, they make great presents and cost next to nothing to make! 


I love looking for new ways to jazz up my fridge and these magnets defo bring a touch of glam!


You will need:


-Ice Cube/ Silicone Mold

-Plaster of Paris (I got mine here)

-Mixing Jug


-Gold Paint ( I used this)

-Magnets (I bought these)


 Step One:


Mix together three parts of the plaster of paris powder to two parts water.



Mix slowly until a creamy consistency.



Leave to sit of 30 seconds to allow the air bubbles to exit.


Step Two:


Pour the liquid slowly into your silicone mold, tap out at air bubbles as you go. I chose these adorable russian dolls as the shape for my magnets.



Step Three:


Leave the Plaster of Paris to set for around 40 mins, before demoulding.

 Step Four:


Paint your plaster shapes with gold paint to make them ultra fancy!


Step five:


Glue magnets onto the back with strong glue, then go to town decorating your fridge!


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