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Theme May 2018

I am super excited to announce the theme for May.....

Tea and Cake!

I had already planned to do Tea and Cake without even thinking about the fact that with Meagan and Harry's Royal wedding this month, it's going to be afternoon tea and tea parties all round! Perfect timing!

I love Tea, I can't start my day without it- it's pretty integral to my day and to be honest my life. I turn that kettle on for every occasion especially when a problem needs solving or when I'm feeling a bit down, there is nothing the act of making and drinking a cup of the can't put right.

I'm not a coffee drinker (I'm crazy enough without a caffeine hit!) So mines white, no sugar. How do you drink yours?

I have a massive collection of teacups, it's one of my fave things to search charity shops for, cute vintage sets. I really love anything royal related, in particular cups with the queen on to celebrate jubilees or her coronation!

Also live for cake, carrot cake being my current fave! But you'll never find me saying no to a good chocolate cake either or a good Victoria sponge for that matter. Or to be honest any cake- I won't discriminate!

This box will have all the charm of the great British bake off, your fave vintage tea set and a very British royal wedding. Think cake, florals, teacups it's all going in there!

Perfect for crafting invites to your next tea party!


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