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Theme: April 2018

I am super excited to announce that the theme for the April 2018 Glittery Hands Box is.....


Expect lots of cuteness!

The main colour theme for this box will be pinks and purples (my faves!) which are perfect colours for spring too! If you haven't made sure you are getting a Glittery Hands Box this month then make sure you get too it before the 1st of April.

I was planning on this box being Cat Lady themed, but once I started my search for cute cat related craft items I realised I couldn't leave out all of the cute dogs, I just had to inlcude them! It's pretty much general knowledge that I am desperate for a sausage dog- I want to call her martha and make her beautiful little glittery bows for her collars. Anyone else a fan of sausage dogs?

I'm also a massive cat lady- I love those furry babies, even though we've had lots of cats in the past (Including jessie who I renamed midnight, when I was obsessed I was a witch at the age of 8!) we havent got one now; which means I am constantly trying to stop cats in the street to let me stroke them.

Cats particulary love sitting in the Glittery Hands Box- Here's Riley and Bella, my friend Emily's Cats doing just that:

Do your cats like to get into your Glittery Hands Box?

Here's my dog Jake visting me in my old office last year- He's incredibly unhelpful as an assistant!

He only comes to visit when he think I might be eating a biscuit or when there is something set up on the floor he NEEDS to walk over!!

Since it's purrfect pet month, Share photos of your pets please!!! I would love to see them!


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