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You can't get more Halloween than dancing skeletons! I created this bunting using my Cricut machine and the Cricut pens, It'll look fab at any spooky gathering and is so easy to whip up from a few sheets of plain cardstock!


-Cricut Machine (Joy, Explore air 2 or Maker can all make this project)

-Sheets of White cardstock

-Cricut pens- I used black and purple Glitter gel pens (make sure you have the right ones to fit your machine, Cricut Joy has a different size of pen to the others!)

-Coloured cord

-Pom poms

-Glue gun


Open up a new canvas on Cricut design space, add in the drawn images from the 'Dancing Skeletons' Image set. These already have the drawn and cut element, so choose the ones you like (you'll need at least 6 to make a cute garland) the resize to fit your preferred garland size.


Next, load your pen into the port and push down until it clicks (for joy users pop the pen in the blade port, no need to click into place). Then load a sheet of white cardstock onto your mat and make sure it is well stuck.

Select medium cardstock as the setting you would like to use, and start cutting and drawing. Cricut joy will prompt you to change the pen to the blade.


Once the cutting and drawing are complete and all of your skeletons are finished, gently remove them from that mat, turn over the mat and peel the mat away from the cardstock to reduce any curling of the material.


Warm-up your glue gun then lay out your skeletons in a line and flip them over.

Add a blob of glue onto the back of the skull of each skeleton and glue onto the length of cord.

Fill in any gaps with pom-poms to complete the garland!

Hang up your skeleton garland and get ready to dance it out like your skeleton pals!


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