Thinking about a Maker 3 but feeling overwhelmed?

What accessories do I need? What tools will I need for my projects? Where do I buy vinyl and card for it from?

Don't worry, we've got you covered.


The Maker 3 is the creme de la creme when it comes to Cricut machines! It's the fastest, strongest Cricut machine on the market and cuts over 300 materials! You'll be making projects in no time with balsa wood, fabric, vinyl, iron on and more!

Shop Maker 3 here.


You won't be able to live without the Cricut tool set! To get perfect projects every time and frustration free weeding, this tool set includes tweezers, scrapers, scissors and the all important weeding tool.

Grab your basic tool set here.


The Maker 3 is super magical and feeds all of the smart materials without mats so there aren't any in the box. It's worth grabbing a set of mats as you will want to use them with non-smart materials and any scraps of smart materials you have leftover. In the variety pack you get the light grip, standard grip, and strong grip mats so you'll be covered for all of your projects.

Snap up some mats here.


If you're hoping to get some 3D projects made or maybe some Cardmaking, the scoring wheel is for you! Get those clean, crisp folds on all your projects with the help of this tool.

Shop for the scoring wheel here.


Don't get your vinyl in a muddle! Use this handy brayer to smooth it down onto your mat and make sure there's no creases. It'll also make sure the vinyl is firmly secured to your mat before feeding it into your machine.

Snap up one of the Cricut Brayer sets here.


Go hands free with the Cricut roll holder! The latest addition to the Cricut tool family holds 75ft of vinyl for you and feeds it in perfectly as it cuts. It easily slides onto the front of the machine and has a handy trimmer so you don't have to detach it to grab your project when it's finished cutting.

Grab a roll holder here!


Part of the Maker 3's magic is that it doesn't need a mat to cut smart materials! The smart vinyl comes in a variety of different colours and is perfect for all kinds of projects.

Check out the Smart Vinyl


If you're working on fabric projects such as tote bags, cushions and clothing, you'll need smart iron-on vinyl. Available in soooo many colours and patterns, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Shop Smart Iron-On Vinyl


Adhesive coloured wonderfulness! This smart paper sticker cardstock is great for intricate paper cuts, and it's already sticky on the back ready to stick down and layer up.

Explore Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock here.

We hope you enjoy every minute with your Maker 3 and all the goodies I've suggested!

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