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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Here's my list of absolute must-haves for the Maker 3! From basic tools to extras like mats and materials, these are all of the bits I've tried and tested and know you'll love and need!

You'll find links to all of the products below, if shopping on remember to use my code GLITTER for 10% off tools, accessories, and materials!


Let's start with the Maker 3, the best of the best where Cricut machines are concerned! It's the fastest, strongest, and will cut over 300 materials from paper through to balsa wood, with fabric, vinyl, iron-on, and everything in between!


This is my absolute must-have if you are getting started with Cricut. You'll find tools like the weeding tool and scraper tool in this set which will quickly become tools you can't live without especially when working with Iron-on and vinyl!


You won't find any mats in the box with your machines, so it's worth picking up a set as you'll want to use them with non-smart materials and any scraps of smart materials you have leftover. This variety pack of mats includes the light grip, standard grip, and strong grip so you'll be covered for all of the different materials.


If paper crafting is your thing you will probably want to invest in a scoring tool, this will give you a nice clean fold line which is perfect for 3d projects and cardmaking.


The tool I didn't think I needed until I got it and now wouldn't live without it! The brayer helps you apply materials to the mat, keeping them flat and making sure they are well stuck down which is super important for a good cut.


Cut looong with smart vinyl, as there's no mat needed for smart materials just load and go! This makes smart vinyl the perfect choice for making big wall decals.


Iron-on is great for personalising T-shirts, tote bags, pretty much anything made of fabric! Smart iron-on means that there's no need to put it on a mat you can just load it straight into the machine, which means you can cut longer designs or batch cut multiple designs in one go.


I love smart paper adhesive cardstock- it might have a super long name, but this card is fab for intricate card projects. It's backed with adhesive so there's no messing around with glue, it's just super easy to stick it down and layer it up!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from any purchase you make at no extra cost to you.


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