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My Cricut Infusible Ink Must Haves!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

OMG! Cricut's Infusible ink is now available here in the UK and I am so here for it! It feels so different to iron-on vinyl, and the end result feels so much more professional!

I've put together some of my absolute must haves for infusible ink, from blanks, to infusible ink pens and sheets, here are my favourites:

Infusible ink pens open up a whole new world of possibility, you can either pop these into your machine and use it to draw an image onto copy paper, or draw free hand onto a piece of copy paper before flipping it over and pressing your design onto your blank. Magic!

Infusible ink sheets come in so many colours and patterns but this one has to be in my favourites, it is mermaid themed! These sheets come in 12x12 so perfect for popping onto your mat and cutting out your design. This is the pack i used to create my sequin swipe cushion above!

This has to be my second fave of the infusible ink sheets because its just so pretty and detail and the colours are so lush! This is defo one I'm hoarding for a good project!

This little roll of blue heat resistant tape will become your best friend with infusible ink, it will hold projects in place perfectly during pressing to avoid any ghosting or blurry lines from movement. an absolute must have!!!

I still cannot believe that I now have the power in my craft room to add my designs on to CERAMIC coasters, what is this witch craft?!

I love this Cricut tote bag blank, it makes a sturdy bag for adding projects too that will definitely last!

This is of course the number one must have of this whole list, because if you haven't got an easy press 2, everything else is useless! The Easy press 2 heats up to the perfect temperature for infusible ink projects-its gets to a super hot 400'F!!

Another absolute must have for using the Easy press and for infusible ink, I wouldn't be with out my Easy press mat. Remember that there are 5 specially designed layers inside this mat that push all of the heat back up into the project, giving you a perfect press and protecting your surface below-not just a pretty face!

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