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My Cricut Essentials- Easy Press 2

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

I could not be without my Cricut Easy press 2.

Without being over dramatic, It's absolutely changed the game for me when it comes to crafting with iron-on. Before, I was struggling with an iron and not getting the best results, and boom along comes the easy press and changes my life - what a babe!

I've put together a list of my must have Easy Press items, the ones i'm using every time!

1.Easy Press 2 9x9

I have all sizes of the easy press but the 9x9 is the one that I find myself reaching for most often, it's perfect for t-shirts and tote bags, but also fab for moving around bigger projects too.

2. Easy Press mat

I can't explain how much this is MUST HAVE, this isn't just a pretty mat, it has layers of technology inside that push all of the heat back up into the back of your project, protecting your surface at the same time!

3.Weeding tools

If you are doing anything with iron on, weeding tools are a must. I can't live without mine, they make getting all of those little pieces of vinyl out that you don't want in your project.


Not going to lie to you, on the odd occasion that I've got a stray piece of iron on vinyl stuck upside down on my easy press plate, the scraper tool saved me! I was able to remove that pesky piece without getting burnt fingers!

5.Glitter iron on

My all-time fave type of iron-on, so glittery it just looks fab on every project!

6. Carry Bag

I just love how perfect all the tote bags are for the Cricut products. Everything fits in neatly, and is kept protected. I love to take my Joy and Heat Press round to a friend's for en evening of crafting, so the tote bag is perfect.

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