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My Cricut Essentials - Cricut Explore Air 2

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

I've had my Explore Air 2 machine for a long time now, and it's still working so hard for me! I love using it to cut vinyl and iron on projects, especially when my Cricut Maker is busy doing other projects.

I've popped together a list of the things I know you are going to need with your Explore Air 2 machine, these are the things I've been using since day one that I still love and couldn't craft without!

1. Cricut Explore Air 2

Of course! I have the mint Explore Air 2, but there are so many cute colours to choose from! This machine is fab for cutting vinyl and Iron on vinyl, but I love to use mine for papercraft projects to!

2. Scoring stylus

Sick of scoring things by hand? Let the machine do all the work for you and pop the scoring stylus into the accessory port on your machine!

3. Mats

Of course your machine came with a mat, but don't forget that you need different mats for different types of material so investing in a set of mats is a must.

4. XL Scraper tool

The XL scraper tool is one of my personal faves as it works great at cleaning little bits off of your mats as well helping you apply vinyl without getting air bubbles! Winner!

5. Weeding Toolset

If you are working with vinyl and iron-on, YOU NEED a weeding tool no question!

It's going to help you pick out all of those fiddly little bits in your designs!

6. Brayer

I love to use the brayer to apply materials to my mat, by rolling the brayer over the top I know that they are properly stuck to the mat.

7. Spare blade

I remember the first time my blade got blunt and I had to do an emergency trip out to buy a new one to finish my project, Now I always have a spare to hand. Just like your kitchen knives the blades will dull eventually especially if you are cutting lots of glitter card or thicker materials, so be extra prepared and have a spare ready to go!

8. Transfer tape

Transfer tape is another absolute must for me, It makes transferring vinyl from the sheet to your project easy and stress-free. Remember that transfer tape is reusable too, so this roll will last you ages!

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