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June Crafter of The Month - Daisy MyGreenCow

This Month I'm interviewing one of my faves and one of the loviest crafters I know, Daisy from MyGreenCow. let's get to know her!

-How did you get into crafting?

My mum is a card maker, and has been crafting for many years. So my childhood consisted of lots of craftiness! I fully got into what I do now, the paper craft/journaling/happy mail/planning side of things in 2013. I was working self employed with an online shop so was home a majority of the time, and came across the crafty/creative community on Instagram!

-What would you say is your craft super power?

I would say sticking tons of things on a page without it looking ‘messy’. I get quite a few comments complimenting how lovely and busy my journal pages are. But I know full well that there’s a fine line between it being ‘busy’ and ‘crowded’. Though I admit there are definitely times where I genuinely don’t care, and just add everything I want to a page.

-What made you make craft a part of your career?

As I mentioned above, it started out as a hobby and I would share snippets of what I was doing on Instagram. Then eventually people were asking me to create videos of my Smash Books, I would get a new planner people would ask to see a flip through etc. So it just tumbled from there really! It’s been a slow process to get to where I am today with my earnings & turning it into a career. But I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and regardless of the money, I don’t intend to give it up!

-Do you have a craft nemesis? That one craft you can’t master?

I did try wire bending (probably not the official craft term) at one point, I attempted to create words out of wire. I realised you didn’t just need to be good at bending wire, but also had to know how to make the letters ‘flow’. So a bit of calligraphy knowledge was needed too.

I tried it many times, but in the end I put the wire away because I just couldn’t get them looking how I wanted.

-Must have craft tool?

Mini scissors! I have many pairs of scissors, big, small, foldable, shiny, gold, pink…. But I seem to only ever grab for my little pair of Tonic Studios scissors.

-What’s your go to crafting snack?

Sweets…Or cheese savouries. Depends on what I fancy and which one we have in the house at the time!

-Coffee or tea?

Neither! I don’t actually drink any hot drinks. My go to is always water, or if I’m feeling ‘fancy’, then a glass of orange juice! This isn’t for any health reasons, I just don’t like the taste of either.

-Where do you currently craft?

At the time of writing this I have a whole separate room in the house that I call my office. But I’ll be moving soon and downsizing back to having one room to sleep and craft in, which is a daunting thought! As for where I actually do the crafting, I have a dining table from IKEA as my craft desk. I knew I wanted to have things stored on top of my desk, and of course sometimes a hammer or more ‘heavy duty’ tools are required to craft.. So I wanted to make sure I bought something that could handle that. Four years later and it’s still going very strong!

-Who is your craft crush?

Courtney Doom! I follow her on Instagram, and she creates these beautiful embroidery hoops with lots of well known characters. That was probably the worst description ever, but whatever you are thinking when you read ‘embroidery hoops’ I can almost guarantee hers not what you’re thinking right now.

-Craft career highlight?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many of my favourite brands and businesses over the past few years. But a big highlight for me was seeing my scrapbook layout on the store signs in Hobbycraft last October! I then had it happen a second time in February of this year. I had one of those realisation moments when I saw it, and just thought ‘woaaah’, it was pretty surreal.

-Where can we find you on the internet?

You can find all my links over on my website:

But on social media you can find me @mygreencow on everything!


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