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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Are you using Infusible Ink on your next project? Here are my tips and tricks to ensure perfect results every time!

Tools and Materials can be found by clicking on the link:

-Always use a lint roller or lint-free cloth to wipe your blank clean before use, this will remove any tiny particles that can turn blue once they have been pressed, giving you tiny blue dots over your project.

-Place Transfer Sheet face up on the mat and mirror your design

-Use a firm, flat surface to press on.

-Your design MUST be smaller than your press plate. You cannot press multiple times as you will get a ghosting effect.

-For coasters always make your design larger than the coaster, It can be difficult to line up a design, and get a neat edge if the transfer sheet moves slightly so always go big for clean results!

-Always use a new piece of butcher paper for every project, some of the ink can stick to the surface of the butcher paper without you realising, then transfer onto your next project!

-When layering Infusible ink be aware that like any ink, the colours will merge, Use the slice tool to avoid putting two sheets on top of each other.

-Wait for at least 24 hours before washing anything you have added Infusible Ink on to, but you can wear it or use it straight away!

-Always protect your Easy Press mat with some sheets of paper or cardstock when pressing infusible ink projects.

-Keep your Easy press as still as possible, I like to add an extra 2 seconds to the timer so that I can press the go button before I press down to avoid any extra movement that could ruin my project.

-Keep Infusible Ink stored in the dark, if you can, pop any pieces you aren’t using back in the packaging.

-When using the Infusible ink pens, remember that your design will need to be mirrored, so any writing will need to be flipped.

-You can use any paper for infusible ink pens, paper from your printer will be fine. Try to avoid paper where that the ink bleeds as this won’t give as clean results.

-You’ll find a square of fabric inside the transfer sheets pack, use this as a tester piece to try out infusible ink for the first time!

*This post contails affiliate links, which means it doesn't cost you any extra, but I get a few pennies from your purchase.


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