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How to make time for crafting...

We are all busy people, right? So it's difficult to find time to add crafting into your week.

Crafting is so beneficial for us, especially for our mental health, so it's super important to find the time to craft and of course, to use all of your goodies in your Glittery Hands Box.

1. Give yourself an hour.

We all have an hour in our week we can spare, it doesn't sound like a lot but allowing yourself an hour a week is a really great way to fit crafting into your busy schedule.

You can always craft in front of the telly, find what and where works best for you.

You may find that actually, you can fit even more crafting time into your week than you thought.

2. Set up space or just a basket.

Give yourself a dedicated space to craft, this could be a little desk or even a craft room- somewhere you don't mind making a mess and have room to create!

If you haven't got space, get yourself a little basket or box to keep your current project and everything you need for it in. Giving yourself a dedicated space makes it so much easier to sit down and spend time creating, if everything is to hand and ready to go it's so much easier to get started where you left off and makes you way more likely to sit down and give yourself dedicated craft time.

3. Write a list of projects

Jot down a list of projects you would like to complete and different crafts you would like to try.

4. Get prepared.

Make sure you have everything you need for your projects, I like to put together little kits for each project in sandwich bags or boxes so that I can pull out a project and get on with it.

Grab all of the supplies and tools you need in preparation for your craft projects, the less time prepping the more time crafting right?!

5. Get involved in a challenge

There are loads of challenges on Instagram and blogs to get involved with, Stitchtober, for example, is a great challenge to get you sewing again, with daily prompts to help you get creative and practise a skill when you need the inspiration to get going!

6. Tea and cake!

Snacks and crafting go hand in hand right?! So make sure if you are settling in to craft, that you have a cup of tea and a little snack to keep you going!

7. Get comfy.

Make your craft space comfy and well lit, ensure your seat is comfortable and supportive- nothing worse than aching after a night or crafting away!

8. Find a local craft night.

Struggling to find time to craft at home? why not look for a local craft night or better yet, set up your own, invite some of your crafty friends over get out your projects and a bottle of wine and get crafty- make it a monthly thing and set a date to get your craft on every month!


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