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How does the Emma Jewell Crafts Box work?

Good question friends! Subscriptions can be a little tricky so here's my handy guide on how a subscription to The Emma Jewell Crafts Box works.

First up think of it like the milkman, except with craft supplies.

We deliver a box of craft supplies ( no milk, that would be weird) to your door every month. In each Box you will find a selection of exclusive craft supplies designed by Emma, some hand picked supplies, two hand illustrated exclusive papers, a specially mixed glitter and sequin pack and our mini magazine- all matching a monthly theme which can be anything from space to the 80's!

1. Pick your box, Big or Small?

We have two sixes of the box to choose from- it's essentially a decision of how much craft supplies you can take! The bigger Original box has between 10-15 craft supplies every month whereas our smaller little baby mini box has between 3 and 5 supplies.

Both boxes have our papers, sequin mix, glitter mix and a version of our mini magazine.

2. Decide on the duration.

Next, you need to decide how long you want to subscribe to the box for, there are a few options here.

Monthly- This means a box will come every single month until you cancel ( which you can at any time). you pay for the box each month

Please be aware these subscriptions do renew every 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on your subscription schedule ( again you can cancel at any time so that this won't happen)

3. Is this a gift?

If you are buying the box for someone else, you can check a box at checkout which will allow you to add the recipient's details and to enter a gift message- we handwrite this for free into a card and add it into the recipient's first box.

3. Check the calendar!

Subscriptions for the next box close of the first of the month, before the box is shipped on the 15th. If you have subscribed on the 2nd of the month, for example, you will have to wait until the 15th of the following month to receive your box. If you are unsure as to when your box will arrive please drop me an email and I will be happy to help.

4. We ship on the 15th for the month.

Boxes are shipped on the 15th of the month from the UK. We ship Royal mail 1st class to the UK and international standard for international orders.

Boxes can take up to 10 days to reach some countries, so please be patient.

We are unable to track parcels, unfortunately, this would almost double the price of the box so is just not possible at the moment!

5. Enjoy and get crafty!

Once your box arrives enjoy and get crafty, don't forget to share your makes using the hashtag #emmajewellcrafts

You can find lots of DIY tutorials and ideas on our blog here!

6. Rebilled on the 25th, babes.

Subscriptions are rebilled on the 25th of the month. If for any reason your card is declined, the payment processor will retry for up to 5 days.

If you want to cancel please notify us before the 25th so that we can easily sort this out for you.

7. Get the gossip

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the gossip, theme releases and crafty inspiration!

I hope that helps! If you have any questions, just drop me an email on


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