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Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The Cricut hat press makes personalising hats so simple, this heat press tool has a curved heat plate that makes it easy to add Iron-on and Infusible Ink to Caps, Hats and Headbands!

You can add designs to hats of all styles, from caps to bucket hats, you can use the Hat press to add iron and infusible ink to hats with ease.


-The curved heat plate is perfectly designed to press the majority of adult sized hats.

-Keep the Hat press moving in a continuous side to side motion while pressing

-The hat press comes with a hat form, to hold the hat in place during pressing.

-Three preset temps make it simple to choose a heat to work with. Or use the Cricut Heat app, this works with the Hat press to provide the perfect time and temperature for your hat press project, sending the settings via bluetooth from your device.

-Comes with a safety base, so you always have somewhere to pop it back to.

-Fits a variety of adult sized hats, from cowboy hats to visors!

ALLERGY ALERT: There are walnut shells inside the Hat stay, Walnut shells are often used a material in many industries as they are hardwearing. Severe nut allergies, particularly those that react to the shell of the nut, not just the core should be aware that the hat stay does contain these. The hat stay comes plastic wrapped with an allergy warning on in the box. If you are making to sell, there should not be a risk of nut being present on pressed hats, but be cautious and do your research!


Here's everything in the Hat press box:

-Hat Press

-Hat stay (or hat pumpkin as I like to call it!)

-Safety base to hold Hat press.

-Roll of Strong Grip Heat Resistant tape


You can use any hat you like with the Cricut Hat press, but Cricut have two hat press blanks made to work perfectly with the hat press!

These come in two styles, a ball cap and a trucker hat, both of which can be used with Infusible Ink or Iron on designs!


-Cut notches around your design to help it sit flat

-Press your design about a 1/2 inch up from bill

-Apply heat resistant tape to all sides

-For infusible ink pens use three layers of butcher paper

Find the Hat press here:

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