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Guide to Glittery Hands Box Christmas Gifts

Here's a go to guide for shopping for a Glittery Hands Box for your loved ones. It's the perfect gift for a craft lover, believe me as a craft addict myself, i know it's exactly what I would be after on Christmas day! Plus a subscription really is the gift that keeps on giving, so you will win all of the gift giving points!!

I've tried to cover all of your gift related questions in this blog post, to make buying a gift an even easier experience for you.

Our December Glittery Hands Box is never Christmas themed so that you are not giving Christmas craft supplies on Christmas day!

When is best to subscribe?

Our subscriptions close at midnight on the 1st of the month every month, for that upcoming month. so for example if you subscribe on the 27th of November you will receive the December box, shipped on the 15th of the month. If you subscribed on the 2nd of December you will receive the January box!

So if you want to receive a box before Christmas make sure to subscribe in between the 2nd of November and the 1st of December.

If you are subscribing after the 1st of December, your recipient will receive their box after the 15th of you have the option of adding on an extra box to come in time for Christmas.

Subscription schedules can be confusing so please do drop me an email if you need help-

What will be in the box?

The Glittery Hands Box is a surprise craft subscription box, so we of course keep it under wraps exactly what each box contains, however you can be sure that if you are ordering the original Glittery Hands Box you will receive at least 10 Craft supplies, 2 Original Illustrated papers, a sequin mix and a glitter mix and our Mini Magazine! You have access to over 100 craft projects on our blog, which are added to each month if you need even more inspiration.

If you order the mini box, you quite simply get half of the original box- a smaller cuter version!

How do I select a gift subscription?

It's super simple to make your subscription a gift subscription. Add the box of your choice to checkout, at checkout you will find a box to tick to tell us it's a gift, which will give you the ability to add all of the information about your recipient and add a free gift message.

The gift message is hand written into a card and popped into their first box. We will write this message exactly as it appears on the order so please ensure you have entered it exactly how you want it to be!

I'm not going to lie, looking at your gift messages is one of my fave parts of running The Glittery Hands Box- So keep them interesting!!

What are your options?

Big or small?:

You can choose from our Original or Mini boxes- Quite simply the mini box is half of the bigger box, it still has our original papers and sequin and glitter mixes but has less craft supplies and it's own more compact mini magazine.

How long can I make the subscription?

You have a few options for the length of the subscription:

Month to month- This subscription will bill you every month on the 25th, and send boxes until you cancel. (You can cancel at any time-just let me know!)

3, 6 or 12 month- These are an upfront payment of the full amount for either 3, 6 or 12 months which will mean your reipient will recieve a box every month for the next 3, 6 or 12 months. This will renew every 3, 6 or 12 months so don't forget to cancel it!

One off box- One month of The Glittery Hands Box! Sent out on the 15th of December.


Your box will be sent looking like this:

With our large sticker and postal information- It's worth noting that if this is a surprise for someone at the address it is being sent to that this is on there! You can always change the address to a different one or email me ( so that I can remove the sticker for you.


We ship worldwide baby! So no country is to far to send a gift!

Boxes to the UK are shipped Royal Mail 1st class, Rest of the world is shipped International Air mail. We are unable to track boxes once they leave the UK ( unfortunetly this would almost double the cost of the box!)

We will ship by the 15th of December to ensure boxes arrive in time for Christmas.

Please note that boxes sent internationally from the UK can take between 5 and 10 days to arrive depending on your local postal service.

If you need any more help, please let me know!

Emma x


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