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Glitter Quote Embroidery Hoop | Cricut

Embroidery hoops seem to be everywhere at the moment! Surrounding so many different mediums of craft, from embroidery to rag rugging, I've even seen them used to make storage and cake toppers!

I have a few in my stash so I though I would use one to create a lovely quote for my wall.

This really is a quick and easy way to get creative with an embroidery hoop that doesn't need a needle!

You will need:

-Embroidery Hoop

-Glitter Vinyl in Pink and Gold

-Pink Cotton Fabric

-Cricut Easy press or Iron

Step One:

Open Cricut design space, open a new canvas and head to Images. Search for 'I make things' to find this gorgeous layered quote. Resize to fit your hoop.

Step two:

Lay your gold vinyl on to your mat (shiny side down) then cut it out.

Repeat the process for your second mat with your pink glitter vinyl for the word Beautiful.

Step three:

Turn on your Easy press and heat up to 340'F for Glitter Iron on.

Pre press the cotton fabric.

Step four:

Place the gold vinyl onto the fabric and press for 30 seconds, then remove the clear carrier.

Next line up the pink lettering being sure that it lines up perfectly before pressing.

Step five:

Place the fabric into the hoop, pull taught then cut away the excess fabric.


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