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February Dino Party Scrapbook Spread

EEEEKKK! I have a new baby niece! She arrived on Valentines day ( you may have noticed your boxes arrived a little early this month- Luckily everything arrived on time so I was able to pack them sooner, then take a few days to go and await her arrival!)

I've had lots of cuddle already and she is gorgeous!

I thought it wold be cute to include her in my dinosaur themed spread this month, well make it all about her! Using bits from the February Glittery hands Box, the best UK Craft subscription box (in my opinion, but i'm a little biased!)

The colours of the dino box, lend themselves perfectly to a baby spread!

I did add a couple of sparkly pink stickers from my stash (I think they are by Trimcraft) to make it a little bit more girly!

I'm in love with the kraft frames, although the happy together sentiment doesnt quite work in this context, i still think it's cute! The XOXO is adorable framing her little face.

For the background, I ripped off pieces of both papers and distressed them with an edge distresser, I added little bits of the decoupage paper too as I love the patterns.

I added the acryllic dinosaur as a cute topper, I just stuck him down with pritt stick! he adds a great bit of dimension, and the fact he is see through means none of the detail is lost underneath him!

I added a little glitter to the frames using the confetti glue-because you can't have enough glitter!


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