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February 2018 Glittery Hands Box Unboxing

It's time to unbox the February Glittery Hands Box, obviously the best Craft subscription box on the planet!!

The February box was all about dinosaur party vibes, who doesn't love a dinosaur? I love those spiky little critters.

This box is the first of our boxes to feature a kraft paper sheet as well as a normal patterned sheet- I'm really pleased with how these two dinosaur designs turned out! They tied in perfectly with the purple and teal coloured glitter and sequin mixes.

Inside this box:

- Neon Pom-Poms- Who doesn't love a pom-pom? I couldn't resit the neon colours of these pom-poms to bring the party vibes to this box.

- Dinosaur Holographic Stickers- Just all round CUTE. and sparkly and we love sparkly at The Glittery Hands Box!

-Adhesive Glitter Sheet- This is really cool, this glitter adhesive sheet makes giving a bit of glitter to anything and everything super simple. you can cut this sheet by hand or use a die or digital cutting machine to cut into any shape to make an instant glitter sticker.

-Confetti Glue- OMG I thought I loved glitter glue ALOT but confetti glue takes it to a whole new level. This is perfect for adding little accents to cards and scrapbook spreads, so much sparkle!

-Decoupage Paper- I love a bit of decoupage, there is something so calming about ripping up the paper and gluing it onto something to give it a whole new look. The colours of this decoupage paper by simply creative are a perfect fit for a dinosaur theme but are also great for loads of on trend homeware projects.

-Laser cut acrylic Dinosaur- I had these dinosaurs especially cut for this box in the gorgeous purple colour. They are perfect for using as toppers and embellishments or even as something to draw around to create the perfect dinosaur.

-Kraft frame- These Kraft polaroid frames by dovecraft are perfect for adding a finishing touch. they go perfectly with the kraft papers in this months box too!

-Quilling Tool and Quilling paper- OMG I am so into quilling at the moment, it's having a massive resurgence at the moment so I wanted you to be ahead of the curve! Quilling isn't just the ancient craft of making intricate flowers anymore- take a look on pinterest and instagram there are so many on trend quillers creating unicorns and mermaids from swirls of paper.

-A Dinosaur stencil- You can use this stencil to up-cycle and personalise anything and everything, use it with fabric paint to create a cool pattern on a bag or cushion or with glue and glitter to create a really cute card.

-Hama beads - Hama beads are bead fused together by heat, once you have pegged them to the board iron them together to make cute coasters, key-rings and even jewellery!

-Plastic dinosaur!

We really love plastic dinosaurs in our family, my dad loves to hide them around the house- you'll find them in the bathroom, sometimes in your bed, precariously perched on top of picture frames even on the mantlepiece. So it only seemed right to add a little plastic dinosaur baby into each box so that they too could find a new family! I also love crafting with plastic animals and dinosaurs there are so many cute crafts you can use them for, from making cute pen toppers to quirky key chains.

Let me know what you thought of the February "Dino party" box! What was your fave item?


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