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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Making professional personalised mugs is now so easy with the Cricut mug press!

I've compiled a list of things I've found myself reaching for, whilst using my mug press to create beautiful mugs, with all the bits you need to go with your mug press!

Mug Press:

Of course, I had to start with the Mug Press itself, so simple and easy to use, simply pop your mug into the press and push down the lever.

You can use the mug press with any straight-walled mug between 10oz and 16oz, just make sure it has a sublimation coating.

Infusible Ink sheets:

There are two ways to personalise your mug, with either Infusible Ink sheets or Infusible Ink pens. Infusible ink sheets come in a wide range of patterns and colours, which can be cut on any Cricut machine. Just pop the sheet face up on the mat!

Here is a couple of my fave patterned infusible ink sheets:

Watercolour splash

Midnight Sky:


For best results you will want to use the Cricut blanks mugs, these come in either 12oz or 15oz and have been specially designed to give the best results with the mug press.

Find them here:

Easy Press Mat:

Mugs are very hot when they come out of the press, so I highly recommend using an Easy Press mat to protect your surface from the heat.

Infusible Ink Pens:

Infusible ink pens are the other way you can make beautiful mugs, you can use the pens as a stand-alone product alongside the mug press and draw your design straight onto copy paper before pressing it onto the mug or use the pens in your machine to draw out a design for you.

This pack has ALL the rainbow colours!:

Copy paper:

If using Infusible Ink pens you will want to draw on to regular copy paper just like this:

Butcher paper:

You'll also need to wrap your design with three layers of butcher paper, or as we know it in the UK baking paper. This kind will work perfectly:

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