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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Create a set of fun and fabulous baubles to hang on your tree, using vinyl and your Cricut machine, this is a simple make that the whole family can be involved in!

Fill the baubles with sequins for extra sparkle too!


-Cricut Joy (You can use Maker or Explore too!)

-Three colours of vinyl

-Clear Baubles




-Weeding Tool

Find my project in Design Space here:


Load up the project into Cricut Design space, or design your own by adding shapes and words into the canvas. Resize the image to fit your baubles.

Next load the first colour of smart vinyl face up into your Cricut Joy machine. Set the material setting to Smart vinyl permanent and start cutting.


Once the machine has finished cutting, remove the vinyl from the machine. Carefully cut around your design so that you can use the remaining vinyl another time. Repeat for all of the colours of vinyl.

Next, take your weeding tool and carefully remove all of the excess vinyl leaving only the shapes and letters on the backing sheet.


Keep it simple with this project, no need for transfer tape- peel off each shape or letter and stick straight onto the bauble. Mix up colours and make it as random or as structured as you like!

Next, fill the baubles with sequins, then add a piece of ribbon to finish so that your bauble is ready to hang.

These are now ready to hang on your tree!

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