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DIY Tea Party Frame

I was so excited when I saw this frame and with all of the tea theme items in the box I new it would be perfect for a little party décor for a Tea themed part.

It was really fast to make I just traced on the back side of the pattern paper the frame and cut it out and placed the back of the wood piece from the inside opening of the frame and traced and cut that out. I ended up cutting the middle opening out a little bit bigger than I planned on but in the end I like the little border of wood showing.

The little wood Tea pot is just too adorable I love it so much.

For the inside of the frame I cut a piece of the other teapot pattern paper to go inside of the frame.

I love coloring everything so when I opened the box and saw stickers to color I was more then excited to get started coloring.

The stack of tea pots was just perfect to go wit the little types piece of paper which read “Tea O’clock”

I love this little sign now I need to plan for a tea party with my kids!

Thanks for stopping by today I inspired you to make something fun.



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