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DIY Space Boots | Cricut

OMG, I live for a Glittery statement boot, TBH any glittery footwear gets my immediate attention.

I saw these grey velvet boots in Primark on sale for £3, obviously, I couldn't pass up such an offer! I immediately knew exactly what these boots needed to make them extra special- Iron on glitter Vinyl.

As you probably already know, I am obsessed with my Cricut Explore machine. But I mainly use it for paper and card projects, occasionally for cutting vinyl but very rarely for cutting iron on vinyl. After meeting with the Cricut team on Tuesday and receiving loads of Cricut goodies, my mind has been going crazy thinking up what I can use it all for. of course I can make t-shirts and customise bags and things but the Glitter iron on is so sparkly and special it had to be used for something out of this world-Literally!

If you haven't used Iron on with your Cricut before don't panic it's super simple.

My top tips are:

-Always make sure you have mirrored your project. You can do this super simply with one click of the button in the cut screen, it will all be flipped for you.

-Lay your Iron on vinyl peel off plastic backing down on to the mat.

-Make sure you select Iron-on Glitter vinyl in the custom settings for a perfect cut.

-For different colours of vinyl (in my case gold and silver) colour all of the pieces you want to be silver one colour on the canvas and the rest another colour. This will tell the Cricut that they are for different mats and it will separate them accordingly.

For this project I choose a selection of stars, moons, planets and rockets form the design space image library.

I scaled them all down to around 1-2cm.

I cut about 8 of each image for each shoe. Some in gold and the rest in silver Glitter iron on vinyl.

Once the Cricut has done it's magic, peel off the surrounding vinyl leaving your shapes on the plastic backing. Weed out any shapes that need it.

I then cut around each of the shapes giving them as much plastic as I could so that I had something to hold onto.

Heat up your iron to it's maximum heat, in an ideal world I would have used a mini applique iron but my normal iron worked just as well.

Lay your shapes down on your shoe, plastic backing up.

Cover the shape with a piece of cloth, then press the iron on top for 20-30secs, I found that because of the material I was using and the size of each piece they didn't need that long.

I randomly dotted the shapes around the shoes to make them look like outer space!

Now I just need a party to wear these beauties to! What do you think of my fabulous footwear?

What will you be customising with Iron on glitter vinyl?


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