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I love seeing what my cricut machine to do, especially my new maker machine. So I wanted to make something with leather, and a backpack seemed like the perfect challenge.

I found a leather backpack project on Design Space and adapted it to suit me, I love scrolling through design space for inspiration - there are so many porjects on there which is you tweak a little have a million different possibilities.

I used the Cricut Faux Leather for this project.

You will need:

-2 xCricut Faux Leather in Silver

-12x24 mat

-Cricut Maker

-Cricut Fabric pen

-Foil Iron on Vinyl Purple

-Sewing Machine


-Purple Thread

Step One:

Load up this project on design space and click make it.

Then load up your mat with Leather facing front down. Load the fabric pen in the accessory port and the fine point blade. Then start cutting!

This will cut the three pieces you need to make up the bag, front back and flap.

Step two:

Open up my project here, and load up your 12x24 mat with leather and cut the three straps, these are each 24in long.

Step three:

Start sewing!

I decided to sew my bag with the seams on the outside so that you could see the coloured thread, but you could always sew it inside out instead.

Once you have sewn the bag together, sew the three strap pieces together to make one long strap.

Step Four:

Fold the strap in half and make a loop, then lay flat and stitch onto the top back of your bag.

Then sew the ends of the straps to the bottom back of your bag.

Step Five:

Add a popper to the front flap.

Step Six:

Go back to my Cricut project and cut the bees out onto iron vinyl.

Carefully weed then iron onto your bag, be careful here that you don't melt the faux leather!

One beautiful back pack! perfect for day trips and carrying all of your essentials!


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