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I wanted to create some personalised decorations for my family this year, as well as the need to make something that keeps my hands busy in the evenings so I spend less time on my phone!

This is the perfect DIY project to create a keepsake and add a little mindfulness to your life, sewing on sequins is so calming!

I used my Cricut machine to cut the felt letters for these decorations but you could easily print out a template of the font you would like and cut out the felt by hand.


-Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2



-Needle and Embroidery thread




If using a Cricut machine to cut your felt letters, open u a new design space canvas. Choose your font (I used Home Team), resize the letters to around 4x4 inches. Duplicate all of the letters you want to use so that you have two of each letter, one for the front and one for the back of each letter.


Next Lay your felt sheets onto the mat, select felt as the material you would like to cut. I personally like to cut felt using the rotary blade on my maker, so edit the tools to choose the rotary blade. Load the mat into the machine to cut.


The next step is my fave, gather everything you need to sew on the sequins and get comfy!

Working with only one felt letter, sew on the first sequin, sew along a line, picking up a bit of felt before threading on the next sequin, making sure the sequins overlap slightly.

Keep going until all of the felt letter is covered in sequins!


Next, sew both the sequinned front and the plain back felt letters together, sew with a whip or blanket stitch.

Leave a hole at the top to add stuffing, and the ribbon before stitching shut.

Your decorations are now ready to gift and hang on the tree!

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