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DIY Rainbow trainers | Cricut

I was totally inspired by Marnie and Hayley at Happy Fabric to create these rainbow trainers after they made a totally cool pair of rainbow converse a couple of weeks ago.

There is so little limit to what you can add Iron on vinyl too, it looks great on t-shirts but you can use it for so much more than that! Jazzing up a pair of trainers you bet!!

You will need:

-White Canvas Shoes


-Tissue paper or equivalent to stuff in the toes.

Step one:

Choose a rainbow design in Cricut design space, measure the toe of your shoe and resize the rainbow to fit.

Add a few sizes of stars too, to be cut in the glitter vinyl.

Step Two:

Cut out all of the pieces on your Cricut machine.

Whilst cutting, heat up your iron to the two dot setting, then stuff the toes of your shoes with tissue paper to create a flat surface for you to press onto.

Step three:

I used an iron instead of my Easy press for this as I needed to get into a smaller area.

Iron on each colour of vinyl at a time starting with the base layer. Remember that glitter vinyl always has to be your top layer.

Allow the vinyl to cool before peeling off the backing and ironing on the next layer.

Use a piece of baking paper to protect the soles of the shoes from melting!

Step Four:

Pop on your shoes and dance about!!


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