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Life can't have enough disco balls in it in my opinion! I recently hung up three in my office window, the way they light up the room gives me so much joy, so for my second project as Cricut Crafter of the month, I wanted to create something with just as much sparkle.

This plush disco ball makes a perfect little pillow, a cute bedroom accessory and with some heavy beans in the bottom a super cute sparkly door stop!

I wanted to see what fabrics my Maker could cut and if it was a match for sequinned material (Guess what it cut it with ease!) so adapted a project from Cricut design space to make this cutie!

You will need:

-Cricut Maker with Rotary Blade

-Fabric cutting Mat

-Sequined Fabric (3 12x12 Mats)

-Glitter Iron on


-Sewing Machine

Step One:

Open up design space, Head to projects and search for the "Favourite Fabric Ball" Project.

Click Make it, Load up your mat with sequinned fabric and select sequin fabric as your material.

Load up your fabric pen and rotary blade.

Then start cutting!

Step Two:

Sew your 6 pieces together front to front, follow the fabric pen line, leaving space at one end to fill your completed ball.

I used an off cut, which I folded and the sewed together to make a handle.

Step Three:

Stuff your ball with stuffing, then hand sew the top together, adding in the handle.

Step four:

Open up my design space project here, and set up your machine with glitter iron on vinyl.

Change your blade to fine point.

Then cut out the glitter stars.

Iron these on to your glitter ball, be extra careful not to melt the sequin fabric!

There you are one soft disco ball!

It would work great for party games too!

Or just for cuddles!


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