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DIY Personalised Pennant

I've become a bit obsessed with Americana vibes lately, especially since we went to Seattle and there were so many cool fonts and signage everywhere. One of the things I've found myself pinning a lot of Pinterest lately is pennants, I also followed @oxfordpennant and just obsessed over pennants whilst still having no real idea what their actually purpose is!

I decided that for one of my boyfriends Christmas Presents, I would make him a pennant using some lyrics from one of his fave songs- Ramble on by Led zeppelin.

This is a super easy gift or bit of home decor to make for a friend or just for yourself.

You will need:

-Felt in two colours

-Iron on Vinyl

-Glue Gun

Step one:

Start on Cricut design space, you can use my project as a basis for your own. The basic pennant shape will stay the same, just add your own lyrics and change up the graphics to suit the song!

Step two:

Cut out your design on to Iron on Vinyl, don't forget to mirror all of it before cutting.

Then press onto the felt. Always pre press felt for at least 10secs to remove any moisture, before pressing on your design.

Step three:

Cut out your felt triangle from on sheet of felt.

I then cut two rectangles the width of the top of the pennant, about 2cm thick.

I then cut another four rectangles to create the ties.

Step four:

Sandwich the ties and the pennant in between the two thick rectangles and glue with a glue gun, You could always stitch this. (I was just being lazy!)

Ta da! One lovely personalised gift!


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