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DIY Mermaid Patch

Hello, crafty friends! Michelle here with my first project using items from the Glittery Hands Box, and I am so excited to show you how I used this month’s selection of sequins and the glitter to make a cute mermaid patch for the front of my memory keeping journal!

When I first opened the Tea and Cake box for the month of May, I was immediately drawn to the sequins and glitter, and I knew that my first project would have to involve those somehow. I recently started making small embroidery designs, and I thought it would be the perfect way to use these supplies and make something fun for my planner!

The first step was to print off the mermaid image and trace it onto embroidery backing. Once that was finished, I placed the fabric, a cotton handkerchief, on top of the backing and put it in an embroidery hoop. I chose a handkerchief because it was thin and light enough to be able to see through in order to see the design on the backing, behind the fabric. From there, I used embroidery floss to hand stitch the design and add the sequins on the tail.

Once the stitching was complete, I attached a sticky backing on to the mermaid so that I could place it on the front of my journal like a sticker. This saved me from trying to figure out how to glue it to my planner. And this also gives me the chance to take it off if I would like to switch things up later. Lastly, I added the glitter detailing. I wanted to be very careful with this since I didn’t want glitter on the entire patch. So I used a small paint brush and added mod podge to the bra area. I then used the same brush to carefully add the glitter. Then I added more mod podge on the top to make sure the glitter does not come off.

I love how this turned out and how cute she is on the front of this journal. I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I look forward to sharing more projects with you. Happy Crafting!



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