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Infusible Ink is a great way to personalise items and make them last. The Infusible Ink pens work great with your Cricut machine but also for hand drawing, this coaster design uses both techniques to create a beautiful floral image that will infuse into the coaster!


-Cricut Square coasters x3

-Infusible Ink pen 0.4 Neon set* or Infusible Ink pens set for Cricut Joy

-A4 paper

-Butcher paper

-Cricut Maker, Explore Air 2 or Joy*

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1. To create this cute trio of coasters, first, prepare the coasters by wiping them with a lint-free cloth.

2. Next search for the following design in the Cricut Design Space Image library- Drawn Ensure the image is no larger than 3x3 inches and ensure that the line type has been changed to draw.

3. Next load a piece of plain white paper onto the mat and into your Cricut machine. Select copy paper as the material, then load an infusible ink pen into the accessory port.

4. Set the machine to draw.

5. Once your image has been drawn on the machine, colour in and add to your image buy hand using different colour pens. Then cut roughly around the image and use the heat resistant tape to tape the paper face down onto the coasters

6. Set up your Easy Press mat with a piece of A4 paper on top, then heat up your Easy Press to 400’F. Place the coaster face up on the mat, followed by a sheet of butcher paper, then press for 40 seconds.

7. Repeat the process of pressing for each coaster, be sure to use a new piece of butcher paper for each coaster.

Top tip:

Use the Infusible ink pens to hand draw! Draw a design using the pens on plain paper and transfer straight onto coasters! Just make sure any wording is mirrored, or else it will end up backwards on your finished project.


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