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Create a pillow using Infusible Ink and the Cricut blank pillowcase perfect for snuggling up with a snack and a Christmas film!

Infusible Ink creates a long-lasting finish that is scratch proof and washable, which mean sis perfect for creating a cushion to match your Christmas decor!


-Cricut Pillowcase blank

-Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2 ( A smaller version of this project would be compatible with Cricut Joy)

-Butcher Paper ( Will come inside your Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet pack)

-Cushion filler


Open a new project in Cricut Design Space, then search for image 'let's get cosy' #M1B4DB15D and add it to the canvas. Select the image and then click either attach or weld to make it into a single colour cut.


Resize the image to around 8x8 inches. It is important when using infusible ink that your design is always smaller than the plate of your easy press.

Now click make it and mirror the image. Choose Infusible Ink transfer sheet from the material list.


Lay the Infusible ink transfer sheet face-up on the mat, then load it into the machine and start cutting. Once the cut is complete, remove the sheet.

Next cut around the image then crack each sheet between your fingertips. The will help you to help you weed away the parts of the sheet you don’t need.


Next set up your easy press mat on a hard, flat surface, lay a piece of paper onto the mat to protect it. Heat up your Easy Press to 195’C, then lay down your pillowcase blank on the mat ensuring it is flat and there are no creases. Lint roll your pillowcase to remove any invisible fibres and dust particles. Add the weeded sheet to the middle of the bag, putting the coloured side down onto the pillowcase. Cover the sheet with a piece of the butcher paper that came inside your transfer sheet pack. Press for 40 seconds.

Top tip: Butcher paper is the same as baking parchment and makes a great alternative if you run out of butcher paper.


Once the layer is cooled, peel away the butcher paper and transfer sheet to reveal your pillowcase.

Fill the case with a cushion filler, then pop on your sofa and get comfy!

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