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DIY Holographic Geometric Coasters | Cricut

I LIVE for holographic everything!!! The Cricut Holographic vinyls have been sparking a lot of joy for me lately so I must add it to all of the projects I can!!

I had lot's of these cork coasters hanging about (you can pick them up cheaply from most craft shops) so thought I would create a couple of coasters for my craft room.

You will need:

-3 Cork Coasters

-Holographic vinyl

-XL Scraper Tool

-Transfer Tape

Step One:

Open Cricut Design Space and in images search for 'Hexagonal Logo' Choose three of the designs you like best.

Resize to fit onto your coaster, mine were around 4x4inches.

Step Two:

Click Make it and cut your three designs onto holographic vinyl.

Step Three:

Weed out your designs, then apply transfer tape over the top of the design, make sure it is secure before peeling off the backing sheet.

Transfer the design onto the cork, pressing it down evenly with the scraper tool.

Step Four:

Roll back the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl design behind.

Repeat the process until you have three fabulous coasters!


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