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Create your own witchy T-shirt for Halloween season!

I layered two sparkly types of iron-on vinyl for this project using the Cricut Easy Press, To make it look extra magical!

You could switch in your own Halloween quote to make it more personal to you!


-Cricut maker, Explore air 2 or Joy machine

-Cricut Easy press

-Cricut Purple Glitter Iron-on

-Cricut Holographic Iron-on

-Weeding Tool

-Plain Black T-shirt


To start this project, open up a new project in Cricut Design Space, In Images search for the image ‘FORTUNE TELLERS HANDS AND CRYSTAL BALL’ #M143D7133 and add it to the canvas. Resize the image to fit your T-shirt, Next add text and curve it, position it above the crystal ball and weld the two together.

Then duplicate the image and make it a different colour, this is so that we can layer up two layers of iron-on.


Next head to the make it screen, make sure that you mirror the image by clicking the mirror button. This is important, as you always cut into the back of Iron-on vinyl.


Choose the material you are going to cut to be glitter Iron-on. Then add a sheet of glitter iron-on face down onto the mat. Load the mat into the machine and start cutting.

Repeat this process to cut the sheet of holographic iron-on.


Once the machine has finished cutting, take the iron-on sheet off of the mat. Use a pair of scissors to cut around your cut image so that you can save the uncut vinyl for another project. Use your weeding tool to help you remove all of the vinyl pieces you don’t want, leaving behind your image.


Check the Easy Press heat guide to get the best result for the material you are pressing onto, then heat up your Easy Press to the correct temperature. Lay your t-shirt down on top of the Easy Press mat, making sure you lay it flat without any creases. Lay your weeded vinyl design down onto your t-shirt, with the clear carrier on top.


Pre-press the t-shirt for 10 seconds to remove any moisture in the fabric. Then press the holographic layer using the Easy Press for the recommended time. Once the timer goes off, place the easy press back into its cradle. next press the glitter layer, Glitter Iron-on is a warm peel vinyl so you can peel away the carrier sheet straight away to reveal your finished T-shirt!


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