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DIY Glittery Gift Tags

I love wrapping gifts so much! I think the presentation of a gift is so important almost more than the gift itself. The white tags are perfect for gift tags on a gift.

To start the tag, I took a polka dotted stencil and inked the whole tag with silver metallic ink and heat embossed it with clear glitter embossing powder.

I planned on only making one, but I loved the sparkle and shimmer of the clear glitter embossing powder with the silver metallic ink I had to add it to the last two tags.

It is kind of hard to see the glitter on the polka dots but believe me in person they have so much sparkle and it is gorgeous. These come together super-fast. I add a snow flake to all three of them with a large blue sequin to the center. I added a couple more smaller sequins. The word banners in the box are so fun. I bent the edges in and back out and added foam adhesive to the center of them and adhered them at an angle on the tag. I thought I was done but didn’t like the open space, so I added a glittery star.

I kept the back of the tag very simple since I wanted the focus to be on the front. Of course you need to know who the gift is for so I just added “to” and “from” to the back of the tag.

I added the gift tags to my gifts. I love how they look on my gifts.

Really hard to get in a picture but I love how when the gift is placed under the tree with the lights on the glitter picks up the light and sparkles.

Do you enjoy wrapping gifts, or would you rather just toss it in a bag and be done with it?



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