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DIY Glitter Dinosaur

OMG you guys! I got sent some glitter! The lovely Libby at Crafty Glitter, put me together a pack of their new craft glitter range. They are a UK based company that specialise in high quality glitter.

Now as you know I don't share anything on here unless I live for it, but the Crafty Glitter glitter is beautiful! It's super fine, which makes it great for crafting with (especially projects like this one!). They also have a great range of colours, my particular faves being the fuchsia pink and brushed gold.

The only obvious way to put this glitter to the test, was to make something with it, so I decided to epicycle this cute dino babe I've had hanging around my craft room into something Ru Paul would be proud of!

You will need:

-Crafty Glitter in Fuchsia Pink

-Plastic Dinosaur

-Mod lodge or PVA Glue



Step one:

Cover your dinosaur in glue, try to get a thin even coat.

Step two:

Spoon glitter over the dinosaur then shake off any excess glitter, Do this over a bowl or tray so that you can collect excess glitter and use it again.

Step three:

Add another Layer of Glue over the top of the glittered Dino and add more glitter ( more is more!), make sure the whole of your dino is covered.

Add another layer of glue over the top to seal in your glittered creation!

You can find more from Crafty Glitter on their Instagram (it's insta goals!), Facebook and also on their blog!

*Disclaimer- I was kindly gifted the Glitter used in the post by Crafty Glitter, I only share products on my blog that i wholehearted love and use myself.


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