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I'm using the Cricut Foil Transfer Kit with faux leather to create some adorable hair clips. Hair accessories are big news this year, with clips, headbands and scrunchies back in full force, so I wanted to create some cute clips for my hair.

I love that we now have the ability to add foil to our projects because that touch of glamour is exactly what these clips needed!


-Cricut Maker or Explore machine

-Green Faux leather

-Blank hair clips

-Glue gun and glue


Lay a sheet of faux leather face up onto your mat, make sure that it is well stuck down.

Next lay a sheet of gold foil at the top left-hand corner of the faux leather sheet, use the white tape strips in the pack to tape down the foil on all four sides pulling it taut as you go.


Open up a new project in Cricut Design Space. Add a circle shape into the canvas and resize it so that it becomes an oval shape (unlock the padlock to make this happen), big enough to cover your hair clip. Duplicate the oval shape, then resize this new oval to fit inside the original oval shape. Select both and slice to create the hair clip shape. Create two of these clip shapes (or however many for the amount of clips you would like to make.

Add an image of drawn stars on top of the clip shapes and attach. Change the line type of the stars to foil and the thickness to fine in the drop-down line type menu.


Select faux leather as your material setting, then load the mat into the machine. Load the foil transfer tool with the fine tip (has the single line) into the blade port on your machine.

Start the machine, once the foiling is complete the machine will eject the mat out further than usual so that you can remove the foil sheet without removing the mat from the machine. Once the foil sheet is removed, change the foil tool for the fine point blade and start cutting.


Once cut carefully remove the faux leather from the mat. Next glue the oval shapes onto blank hair clips with two blobs of hot glue at either end.

Once dry, pop into your hair!

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