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As you may know I am Cricut's Crafter of the Month for the whole of April, so will be creating a few DIYs for Cricut this month using my Cricut maker!

First up is this super cute denim jacket DIY, I've had this denim jacket since I was about 16, but felt it needed a bit of extra pizazz! I barely ever wear it as it feels little bit 2006 so needs a bit of a refresh!

I used my Maker to cut out floral shapes in fabric as well as iron on vinyl to add one of my fave quotes " Flowers grow where dirt used to be".

You will need:

-Cricut Maker

-Denim Jacket (or any jacket that needs something added to its back!)

-Cotton Fabric -I used the Cricut fabric packs On trend and Garden Girl

-Find the shaes I cut here:​

-Iron on Glitter Vinyl


-Spray adhesive

-Cricut Tools- Brayer, Tweezers and Weeding tool

Step One:

Open up Design Space with my project, Hide the quote for now as we will use that for Iron-on vinyl later.

Lay your floral fabric onto the pink fabric mat and use the brayer to flatten out. This will be for your grey coloured shapes.

Load the rotary blade into your Cricut maker, Click Cotton for your material and start cutting.

Once cut, Load up the green fabric for the large green flower and then the pink fabric for the pink shapes.

Step two:

Using spray adhesive and tweezers, spray your fabric shapes then place them onto the back of your jacket.

Spray adhesive works great as it will not only attach the two fabrics together firmly and with minimal mess, it will also seal any fraying edges.

Step Three:

One you have placed all of the flowers onto your jacket, unhide your quote "flowers grow where dirt used to be" and cut onto iron on Glitter vinyl. I used the Cricut multi glitter vinyl as it's my absolute fave!

Don't forget to mirror the cut and change the blade to your fine point blade.

Select iron on glitter vinyl in materials.

Once cut, weed out and then Iron into place on top of the green flower, pressing down evenly with your iron for around 10-20secs until you can peel away the clear plastic sheet.

You might want to resize your quote to best fit your jacket, mine measures just under 6 inches in width.

The Cricut maker makes it so easy to cut out all of the flowers cleanly, I particularlly love the effect of the floral fabric cut into flower shapes as it looks like I've gone to way more effort than I actually have!

And there you have it one simple but totally cool denim jacket that will definitly make you stand out in a crowd!

A Perfect Jacket for spring and summer!


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