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Spring is almost here! I hope! I took the photos for this blog post whilst it was snowing outside so I am hoping that the weather in the UK is now looking up! Which is why I thought a sunny sunglasses tutorial was good idea, we'll all need something sassy to be wearing in that spring sun right!?

I've had this old pair of sunglasses lying around for a while, I've been meaning to do a little upcylcle DIY with them for ages- perhaps something with gems or mini flowers but nothing ever seemed quite right.

Whilst scrolling through pinterest the other day I saw some super cool glasses, with stars and moons on the glass and the frames and knew I needed them ( or as they were well out of my price range I HAD to make them!) So I set about making some vinyl decals on my Cricut Maker.

You will need:

-Old sunglasses or a cheap pair.

-Gold Vinyl

-Cricut Machine

-Tweezers and weeding tool.

Step one:

Select the shapes of your cHoice and load them into Cricut design space, I went for a confetti look with diamonds, circles, stars, hearts and flowers.

Make them as small as you can- I'm blown away by how small the Cricut can cut, some of these pieces are TINY! Like so tiny I don't know why I haven't made nail decals yet!

Step Two:

Cut out the shapes, then weed them.

Peel them carefully off the backing, I lost a couple and they flicked off into the distance never to be seen again, so keep your eyes out!

It does require some patience getting each one into place as they are so tiny, but the end result is stunning. Don't be afraid to put them on the lens (you'll be surprised how much you can still see with these stuck on the sides of the lenses!)

Step Three:

Pop on your shades, and name drop a fancy designer brand is anyone asks where you go them from!

Cheesy photo shoot optional! but highly reccomended.


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