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DIY 'Babe You Got This' T-Shirt

Babe you got this. This is literally my mantra for life at the moment, I got this, right!?

I decided with Galentines day coming up- the day to show love to your girl gang- it would be cool to give you some makes you can get crafting for your BFF's or make to show yourself a little love and support. So why not plaster my life mantra on to my chest in the most glittery fabulous way possible? Sounds to me like the perfect DIY!

You will need:

- Glitter Iron on vinyl

-Cricut Machine


-Plain white t-shirt

-Tea towel

Step one:

Using Cricut design space, type out 'Babe you got this." in your fave font. I've been using the font paddington way too much lately, but it works great for this project.

Centre your quote then resize your letters to fit your t-shirt, I wanted a full chest quote so went to about 8 inches in width.

Click make it, then in the cut screen make sure you click the mirror button. This is super important as you need to cut the back of your vinyl, so you need the image to be flipped. ( How handy is this button! No faffing around trying to flip it yourself! Win!)

Choose Glitter Iron-on as your material to be cut.

Step two:

Lay your glitter iron-on glitter side down onto the cutting mat.

Feed into the machine then cut.

Once cut, weed away everything except for the letters you want to be ironed on, leaving those on the clear plastic backing.

Step Three:

Place your letters onto your tshirt, ensuring they are in place and straight!

Cover with a tea towel or piece of material. Then heat up your iron to it's highest temp.

You will find exact heat temprature instructions on the vinyl packet.

Press down firmly with the iron onto the material and letters for 20 secs, ensuring all of the iron-on area has been covered.

Make sure you leave to cool before peeling off the clear plastic backing.

Ta da! One super cool t-shirt! Perfect as a present or just as daily reminder to be the awesome wonder woman (or man) that you are!!


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