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DIY Crazy Little Crackers | 12 days of Christmas crafts

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

In my family, we like to get crafty right up to Christmas day and make our own crackers ready for the Christmas day dinner table! So the last DIY is in homage to the Jewell family cracker workshop!

Don't forget you can download all of the free templates from all 12 days of Christmas at any time right here!

You will need:

-Glitter Card



-Glue gun and Glue or Double sided tape

-Small treat for inside

-Optional: Cracker snap and Hat!

Step one:

Print out the template, hold it against the glitter card and cut out the outline of the cracker.

Step Two:

Fold along the fold lines, then cut out the triangles to create the diamond shapes.

Step Three:

Add any treats to the inside of the cracker now, if you have a cracker snap, fasten it at either end of the cracker with a small piece of masking tape.

Step Four:

Roll up and fasten the cracker using hot glue or double sided tape.

Then tie twine around the ends of the cracker, pulling tight to secure the treat inside.

Pop them on the Christmas table for extra sparkle during the turkey!


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