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Cute Pumpkin Charms DIY

Halloween is fast approaching! Although it's one of my fave times of year to craft, I really struggled to come up with a new no carve pumpkin idea this year. But finally it struck me- Pumpkin charms! Super simple charms to hang onto pumpkins!

I love a good tassel lately too, so this seemed the perfect DIY to play with tassels and of course put my Cricut Maker to good use! I'm not sure it's possible for me to do a DIY without it!

You will need:

-A selection of pumpkins and gourds- The cuter the better.

-Black and Pale Green Wool

-Black Card, Glitter Card and Vellum

-Cricut Maker

-Glue gun


First cut out a selection of halloween themed shapes using your Cricut Maker, I choose to keep my pumpkin charms quite sophisticated to went for lots of stars, moons, spiders, skulls and even a few rats and crows! A right spooky bonanza!

I cut them on a few different types of card to create more texture, I really love the vellum ones.

Next make up a few tassels using the wool. Make them really chunky and thick, then trim to fit your pumpkin sizes.

Ensure you give each tassel a long tail, so that you have something to tie onto your pumpkins.

Using a glue gun, glue on the shapes to your tassels, to create the charms. Try to keep it simple and clean across your whole collection of charms.

Lastly, Tie a know in the top of the tassel and hang around the pumpkin, for extra security add a blob of glue onto the pumpkin to attach the wool too- this won't harm your pumpkins but will ensure your charms stay on whilst adorning the front step.


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