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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I've put together a Cricut troubleshooting guide to help you out with all of your Cricut questions!

I took all of the questions I get asked about all of the Cricut machines, Easy Presses, Tools and Design space and have answered them all here!

If your question isn't answered here then please get in touch and I'll help you out!

The first things to try before going any further are:

  • Turn your machine off completely, before turning it back on.

  • Check the power supply and socket.

  • Check for an update on Cricut Design Space.

  • Log out of Cricut Design Space then back in.

  • Check that nothing is stuck in any part of your machine if so carefully remove it.


My machine isn’t cutting my material:

-Check the stickiness of your mat -Check that you are using the correct coloured mat for the material you are cutting. -Clean your blade; check for any debris that may be caught around the blade tip. -Use a ball of foil to sharpen your blade, by stabbing it multiple times. If this doesn’t work, you may need to consider a new blade. -Check that you have the correct setting for the material you are cutting. If you are a Cricut Explore user turn your dial to custom and choose from a wider range of materials there. -Increase the blade pressure by changing the material setting -Increase the image size, the image may be too small and intricate -For intricate cuts on card, use the intricate cut card setting, for intricate cuts on vinyl try the washi sheets setting.

The power button on my machine is red:

Flashing Red Light

-Check for a firmware update in settings, if the problem persists contact Cricut customer care.

Solid red light -Turn off the machine, and unplug for a couple of minutes before plugging back in, and powering on. -Check Machine for debris and dust -Move carriage back and forth at least six times -Check, and change, the power source -Call Cricut support if the problem persists

Print and cut

My machine isn’t registering the print and cut marks:

-Make sure the machine is in shade, bright sunlight stops the sensor from picking up the lines, If this doesn’t work it might be that your room is too dark! Try shining a torch onto the sensor. -The Explore Air Machines can only register white cardstock, The Maker, however, can detect print and cut lines on coloured and Kraft card -Go over the black lines with a black sharpie, to help your machine pick up the line.

Print and cut isn’t cutting exactly: -Re-calibrate your machine, you may have to do this a few times to get the best results. -Check if bleed has been enabled

-Turn on System Dialogue (underneath bleed on the print screen) this will give you more print options.


My mats are no longer sticky: -Wash with washing up liquid, gently rubbing into the mat surface, rinse in warm water and leave to air dry. -Designate mats for certain materials. -Buy a new mat!

The material is tearing when I remove it from the mat: -Turn over the mat, and peel the mat away from the material -Check that you are using the right coloured mat for the right type of material -On first mat use, press the mat against a piece of clothing to get rid of a little stickiness

Easy Press

My vinyl is not adhering well when using my easy press: -Check that the surface you are pressing on is sturdy -Always use the Easy Press mat -Check the correct temperature, and time, for your material and vinyl on the online Easy Press guide - -Check the peel off temperature for the vinyl you are using, if it is cold peel wait for it to cool completely before peeling away the carrier sheet.


Knife Blade:

My image is not cutting with the Knife Blade: -Check the image size, interior cuts should be no smaller than ¾ of an inch -Check the thickness of lines, these should be at least as thick as the end of a standard pencil -Only use the knife blade when your machine is connected via the USB cable, never Bluetooth and that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection -Ensure the material is taped down on all four sides and you are using the strong grip mat.

I’m having trouble cutting chipboard: -Leave your chipboard out of its packaging for at least 24hours before cutting

Knife blade is doing too many passes and cutting through my mat: -Pause project and check after a few passes, sometimes the knife blade will have completely cut through the material before it has finished cutting. If this is the case, pause then eject your project -Change the amount of passes

Knife blade is not cutting through my material: -Check material settings -Add additional passes

Scoring Tools

My machine automatically chooses the scoring wheel for scoring, but I have the scoring stylus: -Click edit tools on the make it screen, and choose the scoring stylus instead

How do I change the scoring tip on the scoring wheel? -Press the button on top of the scoring wheel to release the tip

Design Space

Design space is ‘glitchy’: -Check for software updates, and download accordingly -Check that you are not running too many programs on your computer and have adequate storage space.

-If this is happening on the app, close the app down completely and reopen. -Check internet connection

How do I connect to Bluetooth? -Enable Bluetooth on the device you would like to connect your machine to -Select your machine and enter password 0000 -Explore and Explore Air machines need a Bluetooth adapter to connect to a Bluetooth enabled device

Design space is charging me for images I have already purchased/I’m subscribed to Cricut access, and I’m being charged for access images: -Log out and log back into your account, design space will occasionally sign you out without you realising

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