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Cricut Fall Mystery Box SNEAK PEEK!

!!!This post contains spoilers about the box contents!!!!

Take a look at what's in this months Mystery Box (September 2022)! These sell FAST so be sure to grab yours: Affiliate Link)

You need to be a Cricut access subscriber to purchase this box, so make sure that you are signed in on the Cricut website. This box contains a Cricut Cutie!

Don't forget to use my code GLITTER at checkout for an extra 10% off!

Sale Price: £59.99

Access discount 10% off + GLITTER 10% off= £48.59

MSRP: £120.00

Here's everything that this box contains:

-Foil Kraft card in Green, Gold, Silver, Black and Bronze (6 Sheets of each colour)

-Foil transfer sheets in Gold, Silver and bronze (5 sheets of each colour) and Tape.

-Vinyl Holographic Threads Mesa sampler (3 Colours)

-Everyday iron on Neutrals Sampler (3 colours)

-Everyday iron on Wine

-Permanent Vinyl Maize yellow

-Permanent Vinyl Tangerine

-Adhesive Foil Vinyl Gold

-Foil iron-on Rose Gold

-True Orange Cricut Cutie


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