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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The 2x2 card mat is one of the most awaited Cricut Items! Ever since the Cricut Joy card mat came out, Maker and Explore users have been desperate to be able to use this card making technology, and that is finally a reality! The new 2x2 card mat allows anyone with an Explore or Maker machine to crete the insert and cutaway style cards.

Not only that, we can also make 4 cards at once! which means batch making cards will be so easy!

The 2x2 Card mat works with both Cricut insert cards and cutaway cards as well as foiling and pen card projects too. You can cut 4 pf the same card or cut four different designs (as long as you are using 4 of the same card size!)


-Make sure to move the star wheels (those 4 white wheels on the front of your machine) to centre the centre of the silver bar. This will ensure they are out of the way of your card projects but still hold the mat in place.

-Remove plastic cover before starting. 2x2 card mat has 2 side by side sheets. both should be removed whilst cutting.

-Make sure that the card is inserted and aligned to the very top of the card slot.

-You can cut all of the same design or four different designs as long as the card size is the same.

You could foil one card, have pen on another totally up to you!

Just make sure that any cut elements are the same colour, so that it knows to but them on the same mat.

-You can move cards around on the mat to suit you, just drag and drop them into place on the mat screen.

-Foiling works best on the top two card slots as it keeps the foil nice and tight.

-2x2 card mat only works one way round. Make sure the side with the hole is inserted first into the machine.


All cards for Cricut Joy will fit this card mat but there's a few new ones and new names for them too!

Cricut decided to rename their card size to a new Cricut sizing system as cards around the world have different names, this simplifies it a little!

These are the card sizes available:

R10 (3.5x4.9 inches/8.9x12.4cm)

R20 (4.25x5.5 inches/ 10.8x14 cm) *This is the original Cricut Joy size.

R30 (4.5x6.25 inches/11.43x15.9 cm)

R40 (4.75x6.6 inches/12.1x16.8cm) *Only fits 2x2 card mat

S40 (4.75x4.75 inches/12.1x12.1 cm) *Only fits 2x2 card mat

Remember R=rectangle and S=Square!

R20 is the new name for the original joy card size.

Two of the cards sizes S40 and R40 will not fit Cricut joy and are exclusively for use in the 2x2 card mat. They are simply to wide to fit in the Joy card mat.

These come in there different styles, insert cards, cutaway cards and the foil insert cards which work with the foiling tool.

To size your designs to the cards, look at the insert size on the packaging, and size to this for the perfect fit!

Find the Card mat here:

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