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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Getting started in craft and want to assemble a craft kit with all of the essentials? or looking to create a crafty gift for someone?

Here are the bits I think you are going to be reaching for time and time again, that you cant start crafting without.



A good pair of scissors is a must-have, be sure to look after them and only use them for paper and card. Try to avoid cutting anything sticky with them!

Embroidery Scissors:

A cute little pair of scissors, use these for cutting off threads, or cutting small intricate paper pieces.

Fabric scissors:

If you want to cut fabric, the correct scissors are a must!

Craft Knife:

A craft knife is great for lots of craft projects, papercutting is a great craft to get into, but you will also find a knife handy for some parts of scrapbooking and card making.


Glue gun:

Get a glue gun! You can pick one up for around £5 and glue sticks for it, for only a few pounds.

I use a glue gun for anything and everything that I possibly can, The heat of the glue means it can stick most materials together with ease and speed.

Pritt stick:

The old favourite, perfect for glueing card and paper projects, I always buy the smaller sticks to avoid the stick drying up.

Tape roller:

The papercrafters secret weapon, this rolls a thin strip of adhesive onto card and paper projects for mess-free sticking!

PVA/mod podge:

I always have a small pot of PVA with me, it's great for decoupage or for giving a varnished layer to projects.


Washi Tape:

Pretty decorative tape you are going to get addicted to but rarely use!

Masking Tape:

Perfect for doing what it does best, masking an area you are painting or holding something in place without creating any damage!


Pom pom maker:

An absolute must for any crafter, you'll be able to make pom poms faster than you can choose which colour yarn to use!


Useful for so many things, I always have some pins and safety pins in my kit.


Obviously a must for any embroidery, sewing or even for poking dried glue out of the end of the tube!


You will of course want a good set of pens and pencils


I can't live without a black sharpie, it comes in so handy for so many projects!

Brush pens:

Want to do some cut calligraphy or colouring in? Invest in some brush pens!

Gel pens:

Fab for adding a little bit of journaling into a scrapbook page or for writing on coloured Card. also great for transporting you straight back to the '90s!


You'll of course want somewhere to store all of your beautiful craft tools.

I love this caddy, but go all out and choose the most fabulous storage for you!

*This post conatins affiliate links.


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