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Yay! I finally cleaned up my craft room, got it exactly how I like it and took some photos to share with you!

Since this is where I spend 90% of my time it's really important to me that it's not only functional but also looks pretty and is somewhere I want to spend my time!

This is my favourite corner of my craftroom, I have two desks, one for my laptop and one for crafting. The one for crafting is where I keep my cricut machines and have all of my craft essentials to hand.

I really like being able to have my cricut machines out and ready to use, I just pull them forwards whenever I want to start cutting.

My dad made this washi tape holder for me for Christmas last year, I love it! I can swap out the washi on the top to add in my faves or more seasonal tapes- so that I can just grab a piece and go.

The bottom holds the rest of my washi collection!

One of the most important parts of making my craft room look pretty is the wall above my craft desk, it's filled with art and postcards by some of my fellow indie makers, my own quotes from The Glittery Hands Box as well as allsorts of other bits and pieces! Everything is held up with washi tape as we live in a rented house and are only able to screw a few bits into the wall.

I change it up occasionally but right now I am pretty happy with how it looks!

Disco balls!! This is the best thing I did this year- putting up my disco ball collection in my window brings me so much joy.

They reflect the light occasionally when the sun is just in the right place and all of a sudden it's like magic has hit the craft room. If you do anything, make it putting up a disco ball- you wont regret it!

Me and my dad built my pegboard at the beginning of the year, I have wanted a pegboard for ages (to be honest I was probably a little late on the peg board train!) so that I could have all of my essential tools on display and in easy reach. I love that i can have all of my Cricut tools and mats hung up there as well as all of my scissors. I'm forever loosing scissors whilst crafting so its good to always have a back up pair at eye level!

It's also super handy to have these hanging pots, where I can store glue, pens and any bits and pieces I want to have in easy reach.

The other desk is where I actually spend way more of my time, I have my laptop here so all work for Glittery Hands Box, Craft and Cocktail Club and Emma Jewell Crafts is done in this spot. I'm a notebook addict so have a massive stack of notebooks for all of my various lists and ideas to the side of my laptop.

Although if I am honest this desk generlly ends up covered in craft stuff too!!

You can't go wrong with a pot of pens! I have a mix of pots jars and old coffee cups keeping my pens sorted and storing random bits and pieces! As with most things in my craft room, I love having everything on show so I can grab it easily, and in something I can just throw it back into so it keeps it tidy.

Under my desk I keep this beautiful old trunk, it's full of all of my fabric. On top of it I keep all of vinyl to use with my cricut as well as my Cricut Easy Press.

I also keep my bin under there, worth a mention as I stick and cute left over vinyl pieces on there so it's starting to look pretty sassy!

Over to the other side of the room where all craft supplies and tools are kept- basically my whole craft hoard!

I have two big shelving units ( from B&Q) , with all of my supplies sorted into plastic boxes, most of which I bought in Ikea. I have everything on the best shelf for me to access it, so everything I use the most often is on the middle shelves and things that very rarely get used are right pn the top. I like using these see through boxes as it means I can see everything and know exactly where everything is!

I also have this slim wardrobe where I keep all of the tools for Craft and Cocktail Club, as well as all of my paper and card ( stored handily in these hanging shelves) .

Last year I had to swap my craft room with this room that was then my bedroom, as everything as falling on my head, I can just about fit my bed into the smaller room which means I have my wardrobe here in my craft room too!

I hope you enjoyed this little shimmy around my craft room! I would love to hear how you store your craft stuff!


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