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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Looking to get the Autopress but not sure what else you need? Here's a handy guide on what you'll be needing to get creating!


Before things start heating up, you'll be needing some Iron On Vinyl to cut with your Cricut machine! There are so many colours and varieties to choose from, check them out here -


Fancy something wacky and wild? Why not try Infusible Ink? Infusible Ink means there will be no peeling, cracking, flaking or wrinkling giving a bright professional finish every time. There's a huge amount of colours and patterns to choose from, take a look here -


Before you head to the Autopress to get heat setting, you'll need to weed out all those details so that your design is ready to press. Using a weeding tool is definitely the way to take away all the excess vinyl after your design has cut.


Why not get an extra mat to speed things up a little? The Cricut Pressing Mats are perfect to prep your next project while you're pressing as the nonslip silicone base will keep the layers of your project together.

Grab one here -


Why not get creative and make some additions to your wardrobe with the Cricut T-Shirts? They come in a variety of sizes and most importantly, are compatible with Infusible Ink. I love the Raglan design!


Don't pay for plastic bags every time you go out - take a tote! Once again, these are compatible with Infusible Ink so you can make some really stunning designs on these. They're nice and big at 14" x 14" too!

Grab a bag or two here -

We hope you love using your Autopress and found this essentials shopping guide helpful.

*All of the links in this blog are affiliate links which doesn't cost you anything but helps me so I can keep inspiring you - happy making!


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