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April Crafter of The Month- Mike The Crafty Gentleman

Each month I pick one of my fave craft pals to be our crafter of the month! It's the perfect excuse to find out more about their craft life.

For April we'll be craft crushing over one of my absolute favourite crafty beings, Mike- The crafty Gentleman. I met mike a couple of years ago at a craft event where I immediately knew we would become good friends when he was happy to do the most ridiculous boomerangs with me!

We've been craft BFF's ever since!

Let's find out more about him.....

-How did you get into crafting?

Crafting has always been a part of my life. Ever since I was a child, I used to spend hours making things (cards, decorations, gifts, collages… I’d make anything!). As I grew up, this childlike love of making things just never left me.

In my teens, I discovered sewing and got my first sewing machine. I then learnt how to knit. It then wasn’t long before I started dabbling in woodworking and using power tools. Even today, after 20+ years of crafting, I still love to find new techniques and materials to work with. I’m a craft addict!

-What would you say is your craft super power?

Hmm… I reckon I’m pretty good with a sewing machine! I’ve been sewing for more than 10 years now, so I’m pretty confident at whizzing through fabrics with accuracy. (Although the odd mishaps do still happen, of course – that’s why I always keep a seam ripper nearby!).

-What made you make craft a part of your career?

As I began to learn more about crafts and develop my skills, I realised there was a huge underrepresentation of men in this industry. I was surprised, and disappointed. I passionately believe that crafting should be for everyone: men, women, old, young! So I set out to change this. That was the driving ambition behind starting my blog – and remains my mission today.

-Do you have a craft nemesis? That one craft you can’t master?

I’ve never really been one for crochet… I’ve tried a few times and just end up tying myself in knots (quite literally!). Weirdly, I’m fine with knitting though!

-Must have craft tool?

Do I have to pick just one?! I think I’d have to go with a good, sharp rotary cutter. It makes cutting fabric and large paper sooo much easier. Of course, I also use my scissors all the time too (I have a collection of around 15 pairs!), but a rotary cutter is often the best tool for the job.

-What’s your go to crafting snack?

To be honest, I don’t usually snack while I’m crafting – I get far too in the zone to realise that I’m hungry! Crafting is pretty much the only thing I love more than eating… there’s not much else that could distract me from food!

-Coffee or tea?

Tea! I can’t start my day without a good, strong cup of tea. :)

-Where do you currently craft?

I have a home studio in my house in Nottingham. It’s a converted bedroom, very small and overflowing with far too many craft supplies! But I count myself extremely lucky that I have a whole room that I can dedicate to my crafting. That’s the dream, right?!

-Who is your craft crush?

Fran from Fall for DIY is a real inspiration – I love how consistent she is in her style and her pared-back use of colour throughout all of her projects. I also really admire the work that Chloe from Cotton Clara creates. I could (and often do!) get lost in scrolling through her Instagram!

-Craft career highlight?

Hmm… it was probably my trip to Salt Lake City to present at the Cricut Make-A-Thon conference last year. It was insane! I spent a week in Utah as part of the trip, where I got to meet so many fellow crafters. It was crazy to be recognised by people all the way over in the USA!

-Where can we find you on the internet?

You can check out my blog at, where I share loads of free tutorials and crafty ideas. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @thecraftygentleman too, for all my craft tips and behind-the-scenes!


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