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OMG I am so in love with swipeable sequins, I have a few tops with this feature on and have wanted to create my own sequin fabulousness for a while but couldn't work out how to make it happen without sewing on individual two sided sequins.

It turns out it's super simple! I've upgraded this sequin clutch bag so that it reveals two quotes- Super awesome!! Imagine making personalised ones for your pals!

You will need:

-Swipe sequin clutch bag (I picked mine up from Home Bargains for pennies, but you could always make your own- swipeable sequin material is available online and in most fabric shops now!)

-Self Adhesive vinyl

-Cricut Maker machine

-Black Spray paint

-Masking tape

Step One:

Use your vinyl to create an adhesive stencil, if you want to recreate my bag you can load up my project into Cricut design space. I used the Martha Stewart Home Team Font with 'Girl Power' and a quote from my fave tv show Kimmy Schmidt 'Females are strong as hell'.

Be sure to resiZe the project to your own bag, then cut out using the fine point blade and vinyl setting.

Weed out the letters to create a vinyl stencil.

Step two:

Swipe all of the sequins on your bag up, make sure they are all laying flat.

Then lay the adhesive vinyl down ontop of it, making sure all of it is stuck and any loose bits are in the right place. I used my brayer to ensure everything was well stuck.

Step three:

Cover anything that isnt covered with vinyl with masking tape so that no spray paint gets into an unwanted area.

Take your bag outside, and spray carefully with spray paint.

Wait for it to dry then remove the stencil.

Step Four:

Repeat the whole process, swipe the sequins down and lay your second stencil on top.

This will give you that great two way effect!

Ta, Da! One super sparkly bag with two cool messages!

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